Marshall School of Business

Master’s Degree and Graduate Certificate Programs

Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA program is structured for mid-career to upper-career professionals who are fully employed. Rather than a program of traditional course disciplines (e.g., accounting, marketing, finance) the EMBA program offers a more thematic approach — integrating the material and often delivering it with faculty from different disciplines teaching in a team format. Core faculty include the school’s most senior, experienced members as well as nationally renowned academic and business specialists. This program is delivered on Fridays and Saturdays (full days) for a two-year period at either the USC campus in downtown Los Angeles or in San Diego. As with the other USC Marshall MBA programs, an extensive international trip is integrated into the program.


In addition to the general admission requirements, applicants should have 10 years of work experience that includes substantial managerial responsibilities. The Executive MBA Admissions office may be contacted at (213) 740-7846; Fax (213) 749-8520; or email: Apply online at

Program Structure

This program uses a non-traditional interdisciplinary approach to executive and managerial education though “themes” that integrate various functional areas and address classic, yet dynamic, business issues.

The program begins with a six-day domestic residential session. Thereafter, the 21-month MBA program meets Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year with a short summer break. An eight-day international trip is scheduled during the first theme of the program’s second year.

Year 1 Units
Theme I
GSBA 560 The Perspective of Top Management 2
Theme II
GSBA 561 Evaluating Market Performance 9
Theme III
GSBA 562 Management of Operations 11
Theme IV
GSBA 563 Technology and Information Systems Management 6
Theme V
GSBA 564 Functional Strategies and Implementation 2
Year 2 Units
Theme VI
GSBA 570 The Role of the Senior Executive 2
Theme VII
GSBA 571 Environmental Analysis: Establishing Competitive Advantage 9
Theme VIII
GSBA 572 Strategic Planning for Growth 11
Theme IX
GSBA 573 Managing Strategic Change and Implementation 6
Theme X
GSBA 574 The Executive of the Future 2
Total units required for degree: 60