Art History

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Chair and Provost Professor of English and Art History: Kate Flint, Ph.D.


Professors: John Bowlt, Ph.D. (Slavic Languages and Literatures); Leo Braudy, Ph.D. (English); Kate Flint, Ph.D. (English); Selma Holo, Ph.D.; Eunice Howe, Ph.D.*; Carolyn M. Malone, Ph.D.; John Pollini, Ph.D.; Vanessa Schwartz, Ph.D. (History)

Associate Professors: Sonya Lee, Ph.D.; Richard Meyer, Ph.D.; Ann Marie Yasin, Ph.D. (Classics)

Assistant Professors: Daniela Bleichmar, Ph.D.*; Suzanne Hudson, Ph.D.; Megan Luke, Ph.D.; Sean Roberts, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Art history combines the study of art with the study of culture. The undergraduate major not only receives sound training in the history of art but also a basis in other humanistic disciplines. The curriculum is designed to guarantee students a general knowledge of both western and eastern art, and to offer a variety of upper division courses in specialized areas. Majors are exposed to a diversity of theoretical approaches and encouraged to sharpen their critical and conceptual thinking. This foundation has enabled many art history graduates to pursue advanced degrees in nationally recognized programs, to enter diverse fields, including law or business, and to pursue careers in the arts.

A special feature of the undergraduate program is the apprenticeship, which affords upper-division students the opportunity to work in the professional art world in return for elective credit. Students gain valuable job skills in local museums, galleries, auction houses, and art foundations. Apprenticeship placement is also available during the summer months throughout the United States.

Graduate students in art history pursue a wide range of subject matter, using a variety of methodologies and techniques. Graduates may also pursue parallel interests by taking courses in outside departments such as history, classics, East Asian languages and cultures, Slavic languages and literatures, French, German, Italian and others.

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in annual conferences and symposia. Travel grants are available through the department. In addition to an excellent slide library, electronic access to university library catalogues from home or office, courtesy privileges and cross-registration of course work at UCLA, our graduate students have access to numerous research opportunities in and around Southern California at institutions such as the Los Angeles County Museum, the Huntington Museum, the Archives of American Art, the Institute for Modern Russian Culture, the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities.