East Asian Languages and Cultures

Taper Hall of Humanities 356
(213) 740-3707
FAX: (213) 740-9295
Email: ealc@dornsife.usc.edu

Chair: David T. Bialock, Ph.D.


Professors: Dominic C.N. Cheung, Ph.D.; Namkil Kim, Ph.D.; Audrey Li, Ph.D.; Akira Mizuta Lippit, Ph.D. (Cinematic Arts); Andrew Simpson, Ph.D. (Linguistics)

Associate Professors: David T. Bialock, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature); Bettine Birge, Ph.D.; Joshua Goldstein, Ph.D.; George A. Hayden, Ph.D.; Hajime Hoji, Ph.D. (Linguistics); Sonya Lee, Ph.D. (Art History); Lori Meeks, Ph.D. (Religion)

Assistant Professors: Brian Bernards, Ph.D.; Youngmin Choe, Ph.D.; Sunyoung Park, Ph.D.; Satoko Shimazaki, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor: Henry H.Y. Tiee, Ph.D.

Associated Faculty: Joan Piggott, Ph.D. (History)

East Asian Languages and Cultures offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in Chinese, Japanese and Korean studies, and a progressive degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures. The department fosters original approaches in East Asian studies. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary and innovative research, the program provides students with systematic training in East Asian languages, literatures and cultures.

The faculty is committed to intra-regional and interdisciplinary studies of East Asia, which includes critical interaction among the cultures of China, Japan and Korea, as well as integration of modern and pre-modern studies. The department engages the arts, languages, linguistics, literatures, histories, media, religions, visual and material cultures of East Asia.