International Relations

Von KleinSmid Center 330
(213) 740-6278; 740-2136
FAX: (213) 742-0281

Director: Robert English, Ph.D.


Robert Grandford Wright Professor in International Relations: Laurie A. Brand, Ph.D.*

Professors: Jonathan D. Aronson, Ph.D.* (Communication); Manuel Castells, Ph.D. (Communication); Nicholas Cull, Ph.D. (Communication); Patrick James, Ph.D.; David Kang, Ph.D.; Steven L. Lamy, Ph.D.*; Gerardo Munck, Ph.D.; John S. Odell, Ph.D.*; Michael Parks (Communication); Philip Seib, J.D. (Communication); Mary Elise Sarotte, Ph.D.; Edwin M. Smith, J.D. (Law)

Associate Professors: Robert English, Ph.D.; Jacques Hymans, Ph.D; Saori N. Katada, Ph.D.; Daniel Lynch, Ph.D.; Brian Rathbun, Ph.D.; Carol Wise, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Andrew Coe, Ph.D.; Mai’a Davis Cross, Ph.D.; Benjamin Graham, Ph.D.; Nicholas Weller, Ph.D. (Political Science)

Professor of the Practice of International Relations and Economics: Lord John Eatwell, Ph.D.

Professors of the Practice of International Relations: Gary W. Glass, Ph.D.; Geoffrey Wiseman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Teaching) of International Relations: Pamela K. Starr, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors (Teaching) of International Relations: Douglas Becker, Ph.D.; Andrew Manning, Ph.D.

Robert F. Erburu Chair Emeritus in Ethics, Globalization and Development: Abraham F. Lowenthal, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professors: Peter A. Berton, Ph.D.*; Michael G. Fry, Ph.D.; Ron Steel, M.A.; Rodger Swearingen, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or college award for teaching or research.

Degree Programs

The School of International Relations (SIR) offers a B.A. in international relations; a B.A. in international relations (global business); a progressive degree in international relations; a dual M.A. in international relations/Juris Doctor offered with the USC Gould School of Law; a dual M.A. in international relations/Master of Planning and a dual M.A. in international relations/Master of Public Administration offered with the Price School of Public Policy; a Master of Public Diplomacy; and a Ph.D. in politics and international relations offered with the Political Science Department. The SIR also offers minors in global communication, international relations, international policy and management and international urban development.

The SIR encourages undergraduate double majors, especially with economics, environmental studies, geography, history, journalism, foreign languages, political science and sociology. Programs are flexible, allowing students to gain a broad background in international studies and, at the same time, to specialize in a particular area. Minors in international relations; international policy and management; international urban development; and global communication, as well as interdisciplinary minors in nonprofits, philanthropy and volunteerism; and Russian area studies are also offered.