Slavic Languages and Literatures

Taper Hall of Humanities 255
(213) 740-2735
FAX: (213) 740-8550

Chair: Thomas Seifrid, Ph.D.*


Professors: John Bowlt, Ph.D.*; Sharon Carnicke, Ph.D. (Theatre); Sarah Pratt, Ph.D.*; Thomas Seifrid, Ph.D.*; Alexander Zholkovsky, Ph.D.*

Associate Professors: Robert English, Ph.D. (International Relations); Marcus Levitt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Brad Damaré, Ph.D.*; Anna Krakus, Ph.D.

Professor (Teaching) of Russian: Tatiana Akishina, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Teaching) of German: Britta Bothe, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors (Teaching) of German: John W. Arensmeyer Jr., Ph.D.; Eve Lee, Ph.D.

Lecturer: John Adam Peters III

Emeritus Professor: Anthony M. Mlikotin, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or college teaching award.

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers a major in Russian at the undergraduate level and minors in Russian and Russian Area Studies. The major combines thorough preparation in the Russian language with the study of Russian literature, art and culture. Particular emphasis is placed on developments in contemporary Russia. Students are required to study four semesters of Russian language as a prerequisite to the major. The major itself requires an additional three semesters of language study, three semesters of an advanced seminar on Russian culture (with varying content), and two elective courses, either in Russian literature and culture (in translation or Russian, depending on course scheduling) or in Russian area studies.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Linguistics offers, under the jurisdiction of the Graduate School, the Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics (Specialization in Slavic Linguistics).

The Department of Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture offers, under the jurisdiction of the Graduate School, the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (Slavic Languages and Literatures).