Ostrow School of Dentistry

Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Dental Hygiene (DHYG)

DHYG 311ab Fundamentals of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice (3-3) Principles and techniques of clinical dental hygiene with emphasis on preventive dentistry; laboratory and preclinical experience in techniques of complete oral prophylaxis services; and clinical application thereof.

DHYG 314L Dental Morphology Laboratory (1) Fundamentals of tooth morphology and characteristics of the deciduous and permanent dentition. Laboratory, 3 hours.

DHYG 316 Patient Education in Preventive Dental Care (1) Principles and methods for teaching and motivating patients to practice effective oral care.

DHYG 318 Dental Specialties (2) Procedures performed in selected dental specialty areas with emphasis on the role of the dental hygienist.

DHYG 320 Preventive Dental Therapy (2, Sp) Study of etiology, risk factors and preventive management of periodontal disease and dental caries. Setting up community and individual preventive oral health care programs.

DHYG 401 Introduction to Advanced Dental Hygiene (2) Principles and techniques of advanced dental hygiene with emphasis on advanced root instrumentation and dental hygiene treatment planning.

DHYG 410abc Clinic: Dental Hygiene (2-7 each) Application of advanced techniques with emphasis on increased proficiency in skills: principles of prevention; periodontal examination; root planing; soft tissue curettage; local anesthesia; inhalation sedation.

DHYG 411ab Dental Literature Review (2-2) Seminar-discussion and analysis of current dental literature in selected topics related to dental hygiene practice.

DHYG 412 Preventive Dental Care Programs (1) Methods for development and implementation of programs involved with the delivery of preventive dental care.

DHYG 413ab Dental Hygiene Educational Concepts (2-2) Educational concepts for development of dental hygiene curriculum, including teaching and learning strategies, curriculum design, course development and evaluation methods.

DHYG 414ab Advanced Dental Hygiene (2-2) Advanced dental hygiene techniques: treatment, referral and maintenance of the advanced periodontitis patient emphasizing treatment planning and patient management.

DHYG 415ab Directed Clinical Teaching (2-2) Experience in clinical teaching with supervision and evaluation of undergraduate dental hygiene and doctoral dental students engaging in patient care.

DHYG 417 Issues in Dental Health Care Delivery (1) Study of current trends in public health care delivery, manpower, finance mechanisms, and quality assurance.

DHYG 422 Essentials of Dental Hygiene Practice (1) A review of the moral, legal, and ethical responsibilities of the dental hygienist. Other topics: securing a position, dental economics, taxes, insurance, and human relationships in the dental office. Lecture, 1 hour.

DHYG 424ab Research Methods (1-1) Critical evaluation of scientific literature; techniques of writing and coordinating scientific information for research papers; techniques for preparation of scientific table clinics. Graded IP.

DHYG 430 Seminar: Initial Periodontal Therapy (2) Presentation of selected clinical cases with documentation of clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapy.

DHYG 431 Seminar: Periodontal Treatment Planning (2) Periodontal treatment planning; case presentations of uncomplicated periodontitis progressing to complex treatment involving multidisciplinary approach.

DHYG 460abcd Clinic: Advanced Dental Hygiene (2-2-1-1) Clinical experience in advanced dental hygiene; preventive and therapeutic skills with emphasis on advanced periodontal instrumentation and expanded functions for the registered dental hygienist.

DHYG 516ab Community Oral Health (2, Fa; 2, Sp) a: Introduction of core concepts, values, and methods of dental public health practice as it relates to the dental hygienist. b: Strategies for implementation and evaluation of community health programs.