Courses of Instruction

Music Industry (MUIN)

MUIN 270 Introduction to the Music Industry (4, FaSp) A survey of the music business with emphasis on distribution of recorded music, music publishing, performance rights societies, record companies, agents, personal managers and contracts. Open to music majors (B.M. and B.S. degrees) only.

MUIN 275ab Recording Arts Workshop (4-4, FaSp) Principles, techniques, and aesthetic possibilities of the recording studio chain and its application to various media. Open to recording arts and music industry majors only.

MUIN 277x Introduction to Music Technology (4, FaSp) A survey of the technology used to create, prepare, perform, and distribute music, with an emphasis on recording, MIDI, music production, mastering, and Internet technologies. Not available for major credit to B.M. and B.S. music industry majors.

MUIN 280 Communications in the Music Industry (4) A survey of the music industry communications including radio, television, film, satellite communications, records, compact disc, cassette, cable and any future forms of transmission and delivery systems.

MUIN 286 Record Production Management (2, FaSp) Function of the record producer, studio procedures, music business law, union relations, artist management, copyright and publishing agreements, record company structure.

MUIN 287 The Business and Economics of the Recording Industry (2, Fa) Economic considerations of home, studio and location recording. Equipment, labor, facilities, media, legal and tax considerations will be explored.

MUIN 291 The Mixing Console (2, Fa) Professional mixing console design, layout, operation, mic preamps, switching, VCAs, automation, computerized recall. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 305 MIDI and Computer Music Production (4, FaSp) Recording and editing MIDI and digital audio using computer software. Modern MIDI sequencing techniques for the music, film and television industries. Recommended preparation: MUIN 270, MUIN 275b, MUIN 280.

MUIN 340 Introduction to Sound Reinforcement (4, Sp) An introduction to the practical application of large scale sound reinforcement for concerts, sporting events, church services and convention situations.

MUIN 360 Introduction to Music Law (4, FaSp) A study of entertainment law with a focus on the music industry. Areas of study include contracts, domestic practices, international practices, copyright protection, trademarks. Prerequisite: MUIN 270; corequisite: MUIN 280.

MUIN 370 Distribution of Recorded Music and Music Publishing (4, Sp) A survey of various methods used to distribute music to the public. Record distribution, manufacturing, retail outlets, accounting, publishing and performance rights. Prerequisite: MUIN 360 or MUIN 372bx.

MUIN 372abx The Business and Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (4-4, FaSp) A survey of the major elements that support the music industry. History, copyright, music contracts, radio, record companies, managers, music publishing and communication. Not available for major credit to B.M. and B.S. music industry majors.

MUIN 379ab Recording Studio Theory (a: 2, Fa; b: 2, Sp) Basic electronic concepts needed to understand operational parameters of a state-of-the-art recording studio; schematics, interface, capacitance, resistance, and problem solving. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 385 Radio in the Music Industry (4, Fa) A survey of radio; its operation and effect on the music industry. Topics include advertising, playlists, program direction, FCC, networks, news, promotion, payola and format development.

MUIN 389 Digital Equipment and Recording (2, Fa) Digital equipment including computers, sequencers, digital signal processors, digital synthesizers, MIDI, and rotary and stationary digital recording. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 392ab Acoustics and Speaker Design (2, FaSp) Principles of acoustics relating to studio construction, wall treatment and furnishings; natural reverberation, speaker materials, passive and active crossovers, and time alignment. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 425 Live Music Production and Promotion (4) A survey of the presentation of the live musical experience. Both classical and popular concert presentation will be examined including venue selection, promotion and security.

MUIN 430 Artist Management and Development (4) A study of issues relating to the personal management of music artists including negotiating contracts, image, career development, agents, touring, merchandising, fees and duties.

MUIN 435 Manufacture and Distribution of Musical Products (4, Sp) An in-depth study of musical instrument manufacture and distribution in the United States. Topics covered include sheet music, instrument rentals, lessons and band operations.

MUIN 440 Arts Management (4, Fa) A survey of the management of non-profit and for-profit arts organizations with emphasis on funding, donor development tax status and promotion.

MUIN 442 Operation of the Radio Studio (2, Fa) An in-depth study of radio studio technical operations. Topics include consoles, microphones, transmission considerations, networks, satellites, and digital and analog production situations. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 443 The Business of Music for Visual Media (4, Sp) Introduction to music designed for synchronization to picture including history of music in cinema, music editing, supervision, performance rights licensing, production and music scoring procedures. Prerequisite: MUIN 360 or MUIN 372bx.

MUIN 445 International Music Industry (4, Sp) A survey of international operations of music distribution, publishing, touring, law, promotion, customs and practices. Prerequisite: MUIN 360.

MUIN 446ab Computer Assisted Recording and Editing (2-2, FaSp) Techniques and applications of recording and editing sound on personal computers. Hardware, software, editing for song, sound effects and dialog for film.

MUIN 448 Computer Music Notation and Preparation (2, FaSp) Techniques and principles of computer music notation including conventions of music notation, idiomatic practices, preparation of significant score types, and MIDI basics.

MUIN 450 Practicum in Music Industry Issues (Internship) (2-4, max 8, FaSp) Field application of music industry theories and practices; part-time employment. Project jointly defined by student, employer and professor. Junior or senior standing. Graded CR/NC. Prerequisite: MUIN 360 or MUIN 372bx.

MUIN 475 Advanced Concert Management (4, Sp) Application of theories, technologies, and practices of the live music industry. Focus on the business, management, marketing, promotion, and production of professional concert events. Prerequisite: MUIN 425.

MUIN 476ab Advanced Sound Reinforcement (2‚Äë2, FaSp) Special problems of multimedia mixing with simultaneous audio re-processing for live performance situations including rigging, house mix, monitor mix, venues and power distribution.

MUIN 477 Remote Recording Techniques (2, Sp) Special problems of location recording; specialized equipment; microphone design and operation. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 478 Advanced Multichannel Remix (2, FaSp) Special problems of multichannel remixing with simultaneous audio re-processing. Album, film, television and multimedia formats will be covered. Prerequisite: MUIN 446a.

MUIN 479 Audio Mastering (2, Fa) A survey of the final creative steps of an audio CD. Concepts of acoustics, mastering suite design, critical listening, frequency, dynamics and sequencing. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b; recommended preparation: MUIN 446a.

MUIN 486 Computer-Assisted Music Editing for Picture (2, Fa) Techniques and applications of recording, editing and synchronizing music and sounds to film, video or games, using time code and personal computers. Prerequisite: MUIN 446b.

MUIN 488ab Recording Studio Maintenance (2-2) Fundamentals needed to perform maintenance on professional audio equipment including trouble-shooting, interface, and alignment procedures. Prerequisite: MUIN 275ab.

MUIN 490 Directed Research (2-8, max 8) Individual research and readings. Not available for graduate credit. (Duplicates credit in former MUPF 490.)

MUIN 493 Audio Signal Processing Equipment (2, FaSp) Principles and design characteristics of digital and analog signal processing equipment including plate and digital reverbs, synchronizers, digital editing systems and mastering systems. Prerequisite: MUIN 275b.

MUIN 494 Classical Music Recording (4, FaSm) Principles of classical music recording with emphasis on history, equipment, techniques, and locations. Differences in orchestral, choral, opera, and small ensemble recording.

MUIN 495 Music Industry, Broadcast and the Internet (4, Fa) An exploration of the effects of new technologies, laws, economic models, media (Internet, mobile, satellite), the decline of traditional broadcasting, and convergence with the music industry. Recommended preparation: MUIN 360 or MUIN 372bx.

MUIN 496 Music Media Solutions (4, FaSp) Group study of one current music media issue, focusing on possible solutions with practical applications. Stress on leadership, critical thinking, and professional practices. By application only. Open only to junior level and above.

MUIN 498 Final Project (1, max 4, FaSp) Required for students who are working on recording projects. Booking of studios, weekly review of projects and advice on procedures and progress.

MUIN 499 Special Topics (2, max 8) Selected topics of current interest.

MUIN 570 The Music Industry (4, FaSpSm) A graduate level survey of the music business with emphasis on distribution of recorded music, music publishing, performance rights societies, musical products and live music.

MUIN 575 Music Technology and Production (4, Fa) Fundamentals of audio recording. Focuses on the principles and applications of sound and hearing, recording systems and their components, and production techniques.

MUIN 590 Directed Research (1-12) Research leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. (Duplicates credit in former MUPF 590). Graded CR/NC.

MUIN 790 Research (1-12) Research leading to the doctorate. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.