Graduate Degrees

Non-Degree Programs

Artist Diploma Program

This program is designed for young artists of exceptional ability and musical sensitivity who plan careers as solo performers. The Artist Diploma Program provides young artists with the opportunity to devote their full time to concentrated study and practice for the duration of their assigned programs.

Entrance Requirements

Following the recommendation of the student’s major department, a performance audition, consisting of a full-length recital before the Artist Diploma Committee, is required.

Curriculum Requirements

A minimum of 16 units at the 754 level (from MPEM, MPGU, MPKS, MPST, MPVA or MPWP) and four full-length recitals are required. This program typically requires two to three consecutive years of study for completion.

Graduate Certificate Program in Performance

This two-year graduate-level program is designed for students who have completed their undergraduate education in music, or its equivalent, and intend to concentrate their energies on the full-time development of their discipline.

Entrance Requirements

A performance audition is required with repertory to be determined by the student’s primary department.

Curriculum Requirements

The requirements for this program consist of 16 units of Graduate Certificate Performance (4 units per semester of MPEM 554, MPGU 554, MPKS 554, MPST 554, MPVA 554, MPWP 554 or MUJZ 554). Graduate Certificate Performance encompasses individual instruction, studio class and two ensembles or the equivalent as appropriate to the discipline.

Graduate Certificate Program in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television

This one-year program is designed for students who hold the Bachelor of Music in Composition or its equivalent. Students in the SMPTV program must maintain a 3.0 GPA (A = 4.0), with no course grade lower than a C (2.0). Work graded C- or below is not acceptable for credit toward the certificate.

Entrance Requirements

Specific entrance requirements are reviewed on an annual basis and published in the Application Requirements section online at

Curriculum Requirements Units
MUCO 440ab (4), MUCO 442ab (4), MUCO 443ab (4), MUCO 520 (2), MUCO 522ab (4), MUCO 523ab (4), MUCO 545 (4), MUCO 560ab (4) 30